September 8, 2015

News from Boulevard One – September

Smart, Sustainable Landscapes

Boulevard One capitalizes on every opportunity to be water-wise and to tap existing resources.

North of Lowry Boulevard, we’re preserving 33 mature trees already on the property, transplanting 23 more and adding 157 new trees, increasing shade at Boulevard One by 250% over time. It’s estimated that approximately 60,000 square feet of manicured turf grass will reduce water consumption by 50%, and 130,000 square feet of irrigated shortgrass will help Boulevard One remain green using little water. When the north neighborhoods are fully developed, almost a mile of sidewalks will interconnect Boulevard One’s greenery, dotted with over 3,000 shrubs, perennials and ornamental grasses.

Look What’s Happening Along Monaco and First Avenue

The Wildlife Weave art installation is underway on the berm along Monaco Parkway; watch for more trees, shrubs, grasses and plants to support local birdlife. First Avenue is also getting spruced up with new street trees, sidewalks and bike paths.

Plans for Six New Parks Finalized

Boulevard One’s many parks and open spaces are taking shape! In addition to the paths, art and plantings along Monaco and First Avenue, Boulevard One will be home to shady Kiva Park to the east, Center Park with perennial gardens and lawn, Adventure Park for exploring boulders and a cottonwood grove, and intimate Triangle Park.

For more details, check out the Northern Parks Overview.

Three more parks — five-acre Community Park, a neighborhood park and natural open space — are planned for the southern part of Boulevard One. Look for those plans in the coming months.

Say Hello to Boulevard One’s First Residents, Moving in This Month!

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August 28, 2015

News from Boulevard One – August 2015

Introducing Alto from Infinity Homes

High-style Alto joins the popular Vue Collection of single-family homes from Infinity Home Collection. These three-story light-infused homes feature rooftop decks with expansive views of the mountains and city lights. For more information, contact Austin Ellis at 303.229.7845.
Infinity Homes ALTO Lowry rendering
conceptual rendering only

Meet Our Custom Home Builders

Six homes on the block south of First Avenue and west of Magnolia Street signal the first set of custom homes within Boulevard One. An additional 19 custom homes will be built west of Quebec Street on Archer Place. Bello Custom Homes and Wall Custom Homes join Alpert Signature Homes, GO Builders Inc. and Latsis Custom Homes as Boulevard One’s custom home developers. See our lot plan for details.
X:Woodley ProjectsHolt Residence HOLT-14013 DDCAD15_0309 H
conceptual rendering only

I enthusiastically chose Lowry for its appealing central location, “live-work-play” concept and new urbanism community. Boulevard One’s business establishments within walking distance will encourage people to get out of their cars and walk or bike.
– Jeff Wallick, 16-year Lowry resident

“Wildlife Weave” Sculpture Underway

Take a closer look at the berm on Monaco Parkway and First Avenue, and you’ll spy the latest in Boulevard One’s public art. “Wildlife Weave” will be surrounded by carved boulders and water-tolerant landscaping that will serve as a habitat for local birds. A walking path will offer great views.
North sculpture 071515

Lowry is one of the most walkable, bikeable, park-filled and context-conscious neighborhoods in Denver. Boulevard One builds upon that legacy and allows more people to be part of it.
– Lindy Eichenbaum Lent, Lowry resident

Mixed-Use Zoning Approved

After a final public hearing on June 29, Denver City Council voted unanimously (12-0) to approve mixed-use zoning along Lowry Boulevard and Quebec Street. Boulevard One residents and nearby neighbors will be able to walk to an exciting variety of restaurants and shops, entertainment, offices and apartments. Future development will follow the same parking allocations and height limits as the rest of Lowry.


Please note that each builder has a different schedule for home design, pricing, construction approvals and permits. Thank you for your patience!

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May 1, 2015

Lowry Ranked 5th Best in the City

5280 Magazine has ranked Lowry the 5th most livable neighborhood in the City – that’s number 5 out of 66 incredible Denver neighborhoods! […]

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April 2, 2015

First Homes, Public Art Underway at Boulevard One

First Single Family Homes Break Ground
Infinity Home Collection and Wonderland Homes are the first to break ground at Boulevard One.

“Now that streets are in and construction is underway, you can start to visualize this vibrant, walkable neighborhood,” said Monty Force, executive director of the Lowry Redevelopment Authority. “This is the last chapter of a 20-year story of smart growth at Lowry.”

Parts of Boulevard One will feel much like the current Lowry Town Center district, he added. Now home to several popular restaurants and cultural amenities, the Town Center is a medium-density area with retail, offices, and residential uses. Boulevard One will feature more distinct neighborhoods within walking distance of a mixed-use

B1 gruondbreaking group dig 032715
“Boulevard One is truly one of those special places that comes along once in a very great while,” said Dave Steinke, general manager of Infinity Home Collection. “We’ve never seen so many people come out of nowhere and hope that they can live somewhere.”

80 single family homes will be built in this first phase. Other builders will break ground in coming weeks. For sales info, please contact builders directly here.

Public Art Installations Underway
Public art will be part of daily life at Boulevard One. The urban design team includes David Griggs, a noted local artist.

placing boulder chair 2“We’d like to create unexpected and meaningful experiences as people live, socialize, work and recreate in the neighborhood,” he says.

Public art can serve to orient people in an urban landscape. Pieces might be markers, views, gathering places and links. Two installations are now underway. “Wildlife weave” features carved boulders, a walking path, native landscape and two woven steel sculptures on top of the north side of the berm on Monaco Parkway. An “urban kiva” will be a small gathering place in the first neighborhood park.

Boulevard One in the News
Confluence Denver recently published a great article about the ongoing transformation of the former Lowry Air Force Base into a vibrant and interesting neighborhood. You can read it here: Lowry: Metamorphosis from Military to Mixed-Use Nears Completion.

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October 31, 2014

DFAS Building Demolished

The largest building on the Boulevard One site has been demolished. Formerly known as the Defense Finance and Accounting Center, the 600,000 square foot, 3-story building was built in 1974 and housed 3,000 employees. Materials such as metals and concrete have been recycled.


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October 28, 2014

Rowhome Builders, Street and Park Construction

Prominent Developers Selected for First Rowhomes

The Lowry Redevelopment Authority (LRA) has selected the first two rowhome developers for Boulevard One. East West Partners/BuildMark and Koelbel Urban Homes will build modern rowhomes on both sides of Lowry Boulevard from Oneida Court to Niagara Street.

“We’re delighted to bring these firms on board,” said Monty Force, executive director of the LRA. “They’ve done outstanding work all over Denver and their homes will really enliven Lowry Boulevard, our signature street.”

The rowhomes will offer city living along with features like rooftop decks in contemporary buildings designed with historical touches. Floor plans and pricing are not yet final. Construction is anticipated to begin in mid-2015.

East West Partners and BuildMark will develop 36 three-story rowhomes. Widely known for their work in downtown’s Riverfront Park and Union Station, East West and BuildMark have partnered with Sprocket Design-Build, architect and builder of successful multifamily projects in downtown neighborhoods like Highlands, Curtis Park and Jefferson Park.

“The LRA has worked for years engaging neighbors and wide swaths of the city to create an incredible master plan for Boulevard One. They’ve also assembled a great team of Denver’s best developers to execute that vision, and we’re honored and lucky to be a part of it,” said Chris Frampton, Managing Partner at East West.

Koelbel Urban Homes will build 35 two- and three-story rowhomes designed by Denver’s Neo Studio. One of Denver’s oldest family-owned development firms, Koelbel and Company created a new division to meet the lifestyle and location desires of a new generation of homebuyers in neighborhoods such as Lower Highlands and River North in Denver, and Lee Hill in North Boulder.


“The Boulevard One vision is one we seek: an imaginative neighborhood that promotes community and synergy built around life, work and play in an urban environment,” said Peter Benson, senior vice president of Koelbel and Company and manager of Koelbel Urban Homes.

Minimum parking requirements for the rowhomes are consistent with Denver’s old Zoning Code, with 2 spaces per rowhome. More rowhome developers will be selected for Boulevard One in the coming months. Interested buyers should contact builders directly through our website, at

First Avenue Improvements

Improvements to First Avenue will begin in early November. Overhead utilities on the south side of First Avenue will be removed, and new utilities buried. The south side of First Avenue will be further improved with a new sidewalk and street trees. First Avenue will be re-striped to add bicycle lanes on both sides of the street.

New Boulevard One side streets are being finished and will be connected to First Avenue in a phased manner, starting late this year or early next year.

Traffic flow on First Avenue will be maintained while these improvements are underway.


Parks Construction Begins

Construction of parks and open space areas north of Lowry Boulevard will begin in November.

A linear park through the single family home area will include walking paths, nativeplants, grasses, shrubs and trees, an artful gathering spot and natural play area. More earthwork and preparations for new landscaping will begin on the north end of the berm on Monaco Parkway.

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October 3, 2014

Home Construction, First Avenue Improvements, Zoning

Residential Zoning Approved
Zoning for the first phase of single family detached and attached areas in Boulevard One was approved by Denver City Council in August.

Single family homebuilders may start construction late this year. Prospective homebuyers should contact builders directly. Please visit for details.

First Avenue Improvements
Improvements to First Avenue will begin in early November. Overhead utilities on the south side of First Avenue will be removed, and new utilities buried. The south side of First Avenue will be improved, with a new sidewalk, street trees and a bicycle lane. Traffic flow will be maintained during this work.

Mixed-Use Zoning Underway
The Lowry Redevelopment Authority has submitted an application for zoning the Community Park-Mixed Use Center at Boulevard One. The application, for C-MX-5 zoning, is posted here. This district allows for residential, retail, entertainment and civic uses, along with offices, in the area north of Lowry Boulevard, west of Quebec Street and south of First Avenue. Parking for the Schlessman Family Library will also be accommodated, and apartments are planned for the area between Quebec Street, Archer Place, South Pontiac Street and Lowry Boulevard.

The City is concurrently processing an Overlay District to ensure that building height limits and setbacks stated in the Boulevard One General Development Plan are regulated by the zoning. Building heights may be a maximum of 5 stories within the proposed District. Buildings along First Avenue may be a maximum of 3 stories from Pontiac Street to Quebec Street, within 30 feet of Quebec Street, and within 105 feet of Monaco Parkway. The proposed Overlay District is posted here. (Building elevations shown in the document are not representative of any development proposals for Boulevard One.)

Boulevard One Zoning 0514

Parking Requirements Consistent with Old Code
Parking ratios at Boulevard One will be managed through the Community Design Guidelines.

The Guidelines, posted here, set minimum parking ratios consistent with the old zoning code used throughout the rest of Lowry. For the mixed-use area, the Guidelines allow for a minimum of:
– 1.5 spaces per unit for apartments
– 5 spaces per 1,000 square feet of retail and restaurant uses
– 2 spaces per 1,000 square feet of office uses

Public Process

The Boulevard One plan is the result of more than 60 public meetings since 2006, resulting in more than 50 modifications to the early redevelopment plan and final General Development Plan.

Major responses to community input include:
– Less density (1,200 residential units to 800 units). The result is a medium density area consistent with the Lowry Town Center and surrounding residential and office uses.
– Building heights staggered from a maximum 2.5 stories on some edge streets to a maximum of 5 stories within the district.
– Building setbacks on parts of First Avenue and Monaco Parkway.
– Minimum parking requirements consistent with the old zoning code, managed by the Boulevard One Design Review Committee.

For more information about Boulevard One, visit

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October 1, 2014

DPS Community Meeting to Discuss Proposed Expansion of Lowry Elementary – October 7

Denver Public Schools is hosting a community meeting to discuss the proposed expansion of Lowry Elementary School on October 7, 2014, from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

Learn more about the meeting here: Invitation from DPS.

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June 27, 2014

Boulevard One in the News

The Denver Post’s YourHub reported on Lowry’s Boulevard One this week. Reporter Joe Vaccarelli writes, “the Boulevard One development in Lowry could see construction starting by early fall in one of the last major urban infill projects in Denver.” Click here to read more!

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June 25, 2014

Boulevard One Construction Updates

First Avenue
Boulevard One construction activity will affect First Avenue between Monaco Parkway and Pontiac Street this summer. Traffic flow on First Avenue will be maintained throughout the work. New roads will connect to First Avenue, and the south side of First Avenue will be improved with a new sidewalk, street trees, bicycle lane and underground utilities.

© 2014 Design Workshop

© 2014 Design Workshop

Monaco Parkway
Two construction projects are underway or planned near the berm on Monaco Parkway. The Lowry Boulevard corridor is being graded to allow for installation of electrical utilities. Lowry Boulevard will not be connected to Monaco Parkway until 2016. Lowry Boulevard, from Niagara Street to Quebec Street, will be built and opened in 2015.

More information is posted under “Current News” at

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