Boulevard One News Brief – September/October 2013

September 24, 2013

Building Demolition: Watch on the Webcam

The large building on the Boulevard One site will be demolished this fall. Formerly known as the Defense Finance and Accounting Service Center (DFAS), this 600,000 square foot, 3-story building was built in 1974 and housed 3,000 employees. Demolition activities are scheduled to begin in mid to late September, and will take approximately 3 months.

Material such as metals and concrete will be recycled. Anyone can view the progress by clicking on the “Demolition Webcam” link at

Pavement Removal & Recycling

A pavement recycling program began at Boulevard One in April. There are about 24 acres of roads, parking lots, tennis courts and tarmac on the site. About 54,000 tons will be recycled near Lowry Boulevard and reused as road base and parks materials. More than 16 tons have been recycled to date.


The Boulevard One General Development Plan (GDP) has been approved by the City of Denver. The neighborhood will now be zoned for the land uses in the GDP. The new zoning code will apply to Boulevard One (it did not apply to the rest of Lowry) so zoning designations are being proposed that support the approved plan and emulate what has already been built at Lowry.

Proposed zoning is being discussed by the Lowry Redevelopment Authority (LRA) board and committees, as well as neighborhood groups. The LRA expects to submit the zoning package late this fall.

A zoning overview is posted at

Upcoming LRA meetings are posted at

New Home Sales

Lots will be sold to the first single family homebuilders once the zoning process has been completed. For email updates or to join interest lists for new homes, please register at