Boulevard One Zoning Applications Submitted, Parking Condition Removed

January 31, 2014

The Lowry Redevelopment Authority has submitted zoning applications for the first two residential areas in the Boulevard One neighborhood. In order to alleviate neighborhood concerns about parking, the LRA had requested a condition to allow for parking ratios consistent with the old Zoning Code, which applied to the rest of Lowry. The City Community Planning & Development Department determined that the requested parking condition was inconsistent with the Zoning Code. To the LRA’s knowledge, parking conditions have not been granted anywhere within the City & County of Denver. The applications are being resubmitted without the condition.

Fortunately, at Lowry, parking ratios can also be managed through the community design guidelines. The guidelines, posted here, set minimum parking ratios consistent with the old code, which applied to the rest of Lowry. Developers may request a variance to the guidelines but it is a rigorous process and rare occurrence. In the last 15 years, the Lowry Design Review Committee has granted only 18 variances, none of which involved parking.