Buckley Annex GDP Moves to Planning Board

March 7, 2013

At their February 26 meeting, the Lowry Redevelopment Authority Board of Directors approved a revised General Development Plan for the Buckley Annex. The revised plan, presented to the community on February 5, will be submitted to the Denver Department of Planning and Community Development, Planning Board and Development Review Committee.

The GDP includes more detail in response to community input, including:

  • Building heights range from a maximum of 3 stories on Monaco Parkway and Quebec Street, and a maximum of 5 stories set further into the site. There are approximately 3-5 opportunities for 5-story buildings. Any more would exceed maximum densities of 800 residential units and 200,000 square feet of commercial office/retail space.
  • New traffic counts taken in November 2012, and a transportation analysis demonstrating that the area street network can accommodate projected traffic created by Buckley Annex. The development accounts for only 3-9% of projected traffic volume increases by 2030; the rest is due to regional growth.
  • Generous building setbacks on Monaco Parkway, and preservation of as much of the berm as possible. No commercial uses facing Monaco Parkway.
  • The overall proposed density for Buckley Annex is 11 dwelling units/acre. Density in area neighborhoods ranges from 2.4 du/acre to 35.5 du/acre. The Buckley Annex density is most comparable to the Lowry Town Center District, bordered by Quebec Street, Sixth Avenue, Lowry Boulevard and Uinta Way. The single family areas within Buckley Annex are more comparable to the Lowry West neighborhood or the Village I homes in the Southwest Neighborhood, with the exception of custom homes.

    During its discussion, the Board noted that the plan balances many competing interests, is aligned with Blueprint Denver and represents best practices in sustainable urban planning. The plan and related documents and illustrations are posted online at lowryredevelopment.org/annex/key-documents.

    The Buckley Annex GDP will be an information item at the Denver Planning Board on March 6. On March 20, the Planning Board will have a formal presentation and public comment. Meetings begin at 3 p.m. Watch this page for an agenda. Meetings are held in the Webb Municipal Office Building, 201 West Colfax Avenue, Room 4.F.6.