Buckley Annex GDP Submitted

October 18, 2012

On September 6, the Lowry Redevelopment Authority submitted a General Development Plan (GDP) to the City of Denver.  

A GDP establishes the framework for large projects in developing areas, such as the Buckley Annex redevelopment. The process will identify issues related to land use, open space, transportation, water, wastewater, utilities and urban design, and provides a conceptual plan for integrating the anticipated land uses with the necessary infrastructure.  An approved GDP will guide all future improvements within the Buckley Annex site. Please click here for more information on the GDP process.

The GDP will be reviewed by numerous City departments, including Community Planning & Development, Public Works, Traffic Engineering Services, Parks & Recreation, Fire, and Denver Water, among others. This is only the start of the process, the LRA expects several rounds of comments and thorough discussions in upcoming committee meetings. Transportation planning for Buckley Annex will be discussed at the September 20 meeting of the Planning & Disposition subcommittee (visit lowryredevelopment.org/meetings for details).

Soon you will be able to visit the City Planning Department’s website to view an electronic version of the GDP under review.