Project Overview

The 70-acre Buckley Annex property is the last remaining parcel of land to be transferred by the Department of Defense to the Lowry Redevelopment Authority at the former Lowry Air Force Base. Established in the 1970s, the Buckley Annex contained the Denver Center of the Defense Finance and Accounting Services and the Air Reserve Personnel Center with some 3,000 employees. It was announced for closure in 2005 and the property was completely vacated on September 15, 2011.

The Air Force completed transfer of the Buckley Annex property to the Lowry Redevelopment Authority (LRA) in May of 2012.

The LRA conducted a public redevelopment planning process in 2007-8 involving several community task forces and stakeholder groups. The conceptual redevelopment plan strives to balance the needs of the community, the Air Force and the City and County of Denver. The LRA will be the master developer of the site, as it has for the rest of Lowry, and will sell land to residential and commercial developers for vertical construction.

Redevelopment Plan Vision

The City of Denver is adapting to local growth and the economy by encouraging the creation livable, vibrant neighborhoods that are defined by choices, quality amenities and a range of housing types. The Buckley Annex neighborhood will provide this for people at many life stages. This sustainable neighborhood will integrate with surrounding neighborhoods, provide opportunities to replace lost jobs, and create new tax revenues for the city. The plan is characterized by two mixed-use areas united by a town home boulevard, a range of attached and detached homes oriented to open space, and walkable streets.

bullet Buckley Annex General Development Plan (GDP)
bullet Buckley Annex Redevelopment Plan

Time Frame

The following is the current anticipated time frame for redevelopment:

Spring 2012
Buckley Annex property transfer from the Air Force to LRA

Fall 2012
General Development Plan (GDP) submitted to the City, city review process begins

Spring 2013
Infrastructure improvements and building demolition begin, zoning process begins

First land sales

Upcoming Meetings

Buckley Annex project updates will be given to the LRA board, Community Advisory Committee and the Planning & Disposition subcommittee. Click here for upcoming meetings and agendas.